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Our approach to taking back our government is to monitor and know the actions and in actions of our elected officials.

We need to understand how they got elected and who funded their campaigns.

We need to understand their ideas and whether they vote their personal opinions or the values and opinions of the majority of their voters.

We also need to understand the voting records on legislation.

Finally, we need to hold them accountable and responsible to their voters by calling with our recommendations and if they do not do the peoples will; then we must remove them from office.

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Many will challenge us as being liberal; we just offer solutions to the nations problems; which makes us truthful, rational, realistic, and logical (progressive).

We believe in social economics instead of hand off capital based (laysayfair)  economics. We believe in basic social justice instead of survival of the fittest by the power they possess.

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The editor of this website believes in two approaches to our governance in a free society.

One is on this website; the other website link is to the right.  Learn more about wisdom and knowledge of true freedom »

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Research and Commentaries:

Our goal is to give you fact based research and written commentaries; where we strive to be at least 80% accurate in reporting.

These writings will follow the Journalist's Creed. They will be very stark in contrast to current marketing of news by multi-national corporations.  National news media is less than 30% accurate; in fact based and proven reporting.

Feel free to contact us through our Contact Page or on our Facebook Page. We choose to not respond to non-fact supported and vulgar comments.